Advice from Martin Wallace

When most gamers think of Martin Wallace they think of trains!  Why trains?  Well two of his most popular games are Steam and Age of Steam – both very good games.  However, as most gamers know, the depth of Martin’s designs cover a wide spectrum of themes.  There is Automobile where you compete in the US automobile industry in the early 20th Century; there is Rise of Empires, a civilization/empire building game; there is London where you attempt to build up London after the Great Fire of 1666; and there is his latest release, A Few Acres of Snow, a two player deck building game based on the English/French conflict in North America.  Of course, Martin has designed many more board games and I suggest a look at BoardGameGeek to get more details.  Martin Wallace also is a game publisher and self publishes many of his games.  His company is called Tree Frog Games.

Without further ado, here are Martin Wallace’s three pieces of advice for aspiring gamers:

Hi Clive,

Sorry for the delay in replying – if I don’t reply immediately then stuff gets buried under a pile of other emails.

I wish I could give some incredible insight into the best way to get into the business of designing games. Unfortunately I think my advice will sound dull and trite, but it’s the best I can do.

1. Persistence – expect to get knocked back repeatedly before having a design published.

2. Ruthlessness – do not get too attached to a design, chucking bits of a game, or even the whole thing, can sometime be the best way forward.

3. Practice – which ties in with 1 and 2. Design is like writing or cooking or any other skill, you learn by practice.

Hope that is of use to you.




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One Response to Advice from Martin Wallace

  1. David Short says:

    Simple, yet still helpful. Starting over is exactly what I’m doing with Mars:embarkation.

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