Redemption City…coming to BIGCON

Redemption City is a game I am designing with David Short (designer of soon to be released Ground Floor through Tasty Minstrel Games).  It has been in the works for 8 months or so and has been prototyped and play tested with friends by me last Christmas.  The prototype is with David in Arizona and I will be creating a new copy of the prototype for BIGCON this coming month.

Redemption City (probably to be renamed):


Redemption City is a game for between 3 and potentially up to 10 players.  Probably plays best around the 5 to 6 player mark.  It is a party card game in the way that Saboteur is a party game.

Redemption is where gunslingers go to make their name and gain fame, or meet their doom.  A player takes on the role of a gunslinger walking the streets of Redemption.  As the street scene is revealed by a unique card laying system (created by David Short) people get ready to draw their revolver, rifle or dive for cover as other cowboys, bandits and events occur in Redemption City.  A quick eye and even faster hand will be the making of the faster gun in the West.


Street scene cards

10 x cowboy cards

60 x bullet counters (6 per player)

50 wound cards

50 fame tokens

10 player hands (consisting of 2 pistols, 1 rifle, 1 barrel, 1 poker chip per hand)

1 Sheriff badge

1 Jail card

Game Play:

One player takes on the roll of Sheriff.  The Sheriff is responsible for unveiling the street scene cards and for policing Redemption.  The Sheriff determines the winner and loser of any quick draw or event that occurs in Redemption.  On a turn the Sheriff will do the following:

  1. Asks if any players wish to heal – they miss the turn to discard a wound card.
  2. Asks if any player wishes to reload – any player reloading is open to any event that occurs on the next turn but cannot participate in that event.
  3. Make sure all players are ready for each street scene card.  Before a scene card is revealed each player holds their 5 player cards in their off hand and places this hand on their lap near their belt.  The other hand is placed flat on the table.  When all players are ready the Sheriff reveals a scene card.
  4. Determines the winners and losers of events in Redemption.  Possible events include the following (a) One players cowboy encounters another cowboy in Redemption and the players draw for their pistols, (b) a bandit enters the street and everyone draws their pistol, (c) a bandit on the horizon appears in Redemption and everyone draws their rifle, (d) a stick of dynamite appears and everyone draws their barrel to hide behind, (e) a poker hand appears and everyone draws for their poker chip or (f) an innocent bystander appears and no on reacts.  The Sheriff also polices the drawing of the players cards.  If a player draws early or moves their hand and returns it to the table or tries to bend the rules then the Sheriff can throw them in Jail for one turn.  If the player argues then he may get a longer Jail sentence.
  5. The Sheriff scores the fame points for each card (it is possible nothing happens on a turn of a street scene card).  The events score as follows (a) head to head duel – winner gets one fame token and loser takes a wound card – if the winner is the second cowboy to appear on the street then they get two fame points.  This is because the first player would have had the ‘drop on’ the second cowboy. (b) The first cowboy to draw their pistol gets a fame point, the last player gets a wound card and a player that draws the wrong card gets a wound token, (c) the first person to draw their rifle gets a fame token and the last gets a wound card and wrong cards get wounds (d) when dynamite appears the last person to draw their barrel card gets a wound, along with anyone else drawing a wrong card, (e) when the poker hand occurs the first person to draw the poker chip wins the poker hand and gets to take a fame token from another player and (f) any player that draws a weapon on an innocent bystander loses a fame token.
  6. The Sheriff makes sure everyone who drew a weapon turns over a bullet token.  When all six bullet tokens are turned a player must reload.

Once five Fame Tokens have been awarded the player with the most Fame Tokens becomes Sheriff and the Sheriff takes on the role or their cowboy.

The game ends when there are no more wound cards or no more fame tokens.

The winner is the player with the most fame.  If a tie then the player with the least number of wounds is the winner.


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2 Responses to Redemption City…coming to BIGCON

  1. David Short says:

    Great summary. Gets me excited.

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