Small Talk – the game…coming to BIGCON

Small Talk has been in the works for over 6 months now.  It is not a complex game nor a tough game to prototype.  I hope to have it prototyped by the end of next week and have it play tested somewhat before BIGCON in September.



Small Talk is a family game for 3 to 8 players.

Small talk is meaningless conversation that in many ways is socially important.  How good are you at having those conversations that mean nothing but count for everything?  Small Talk, the game, tests your ability to chat while quickly skipping between topics without really saying anything!  How quick are you?  How creative are you?  How funny will you be?  Play Small Talk and watch people laugh as you segue between the craziest of topics.  Who is the King of Small Talk?


200+ Topic Cards

100 Situation Cards

1 Timer

1 Player Selection Spinner

8 voting cards

Game Play: (basic)

Deal 5 Topic Cards to each player.  Each player selects one Topic Card and places it face down in front of them.  The four remaining cards are passed to the left.  Another card is selected and placed down in front of the player.  This is repeated until the players have five cards face down in front of them.  These five cards become the players discussion topics.

A start player is selected by using the selection spinner.  The start player chooses a partner for the first conversation.

The two players who will now partake in a Small Talk quickly look at the cards and when ready another player flips the timer and the Small Talk begins.

Players get one point for each Topic Card they include in the conversation and one point for each greeting and end of conversation salutation they complete before the timer runs out.

The player to the start player’s left is the next to choose a partner.  If this person has already taken part in a Small Talk then choose the next player to the left and so on…

A round is complete, when in a game with an even number of participants, all players have completed a Small Talk or in a game with an odd number of players, all but one player has participated in a Small Talk.  In a game with an odd number of players, the player who did not participate in the last round becomes the first player in the next round.  In a game with an even number of players the Start Player Spinner is used.

All cards used during the round are discarded and a new set of five is dealt to players for the selection process for the following round.

The players determine how many rounds make up the game before the first Small Talk starts.

When starting a new round players should not select the same player to complete a Small Talk for consecutive rounds.  Alternately, teams can be organized and Small Talks can be performed between team members rather than playing individually.


If playing as an individual you can score a maximum of 6 points per Small Talk.  Five for all Topic Cards used and one for the salutation (either the hello or the goodbye) before the timer runs out.

In a team game, the team can gain a maximum of 12 points per Small Talk.  Ten for all Topic Cards used and two for the salutations before the timer runs out.

Game Play (Advanced):

If you want to add a twist to the basic game then shuffle the Situation Cards and before a conversation begins the participating players get to look at the Situation Card before they are ready.  A suitable amount of time should be given to the players so that they may assign roles.  Then the timer is flipped.

The Situation Cards put the Small Talkers in a scene which they must act out.  Examples include – ‘In the confessional with a priest’ and ‘Meeting an ex-girl/boyfriend in the Mall’…

Scoring is the same but the voting cards are used by the other players to award bonus points for the ‘quality’ of the acting and how ‘hilarious’ the conversation was…these points are only used to break ties at the end of the game.


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