Another mechanic…another idea

Reading about Risk: Legacy got me thinking.  Risk: Legacy is a new version of Risk that pushes the boundary of game playing beyond the single game.  The decisions you make in today’s game may influence what happens in future games.  While this could be seen as just adding an element of role playing into the board game, the decisions you make in Risk: Legacy permanently alter game cards etc…  Therefore, when playing in a future game the decision you made in an earlier game may come back to haunt you if that card is played again.  A very interesting idea that got me thinking about how this could be used in a single game.

Of course, any decision you make in a single game can come back to haunt you but I am thinking about how a decision influences the game in a different way.  In the video game Black/White you can take the role of a good or evil deity that influences the people of the land by good or evil.  The decisions you make create different reactions.  What if decisions made in a board game linger?  Maybe I am being unclear.

Think of a basic map of regions in which the goal of the game is to amass riches and have the most influence (area control) but you can control areas by making decisions that oppress the people or allow them to live freely.  Each will give you control but depending on the actions you take you leave some kind of permanent influence in the area even if you still do not ‘own’ the area.  These permanent influences can hinder or help another player if they move into the area and can either hurt or hinder you if you move back into the area.  Oppress and the area is likely more favourable to some other player and may cause a resistance to further influence by you no matter how beneficial your actions may be to the area.

The key being the mechanic of leaving permanent or non-permanent influence behind in an area that affects you if and when you have to return.

NOW THAT WAS CONFUSING – if anyone can make more sense of the above than me then I would love to hear your thoughts.


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