Advice from Bruno Faidutti

I would like to make a couple of things clear before I introduce the next game designer who has offered advice for me and other aspiring game designers.  I admire many game designers and I have many favourites.  I do not believe in praising someone just to get their attention.  I will he honest about how I feel about the game designers and their games.  I am not looking to win ‘brownie points’ in the game design world. It may seem that the responses I am getting are from designers that I think are remarkable…well, they are!  The first round of requests sent out were to designers that I have an affinity for having played many of their games – it makes sense to me.

With that said, I am excited to receive advice from another great designer who I admire immensely.

Bruno Faidutti has designed (and co-designed) many games. I have five in my collection:

If you have not played a Faidutti game then I suggest you get your hands on either Citadels (scales well from 2 on up) and Incan Gold (a great push your luck game).  If you want something with more ‘weight’ then the mix of role selection and area control in Mission Red Planet should fulfill your needs.  Mystery of the Abbey is a deduction game in the Clue mold but SO MUCH BETTER!!  And the Queen’s Necklace is a great bidding game.

Bruno’s advice is the following:

Dear Clive,

I’m sorry for the short answer, but I’m a little overbooked at the moment.
Anyway, my three advices are :
1) Don’t be paranoid. Don’t hide or try to protect your creation, don’t even think of it. Play your game with everyone, show it everywhere, that’s the best way to get some publishers interested in it.
2) Don’t hope to make a living out of it. May be you will, but the odds are very, very low. Actually, so far, I don’t. But the odds are good that you will make some money from it, if you follow my third advice.
3) Don’t try to self publish. It will cost you some money – much less now that a few years before, thanks to the internet, but some money anyway – and lots of time that would be better spent thinking of other game designs.

About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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One Response to Advice from Bruno Faidutti

  1. David Short says:

    Wow. All three of those were surprisingly great!! Thanks for putting yourself out there to acquire this info. So many designers need to hear this stuff. Awesomeness.

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