Not much designing going on…

I actually worked on the player boards for the Tower of Doom today – for about 15 minutes.  Since coming back from vacation I have been busy doing nothing.  That is not quite true.  I got to game on Thursday and Friday evening.  We played Asteroyds, The Adventurers, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride: Europe, No Thanks!, Citadels and Daytona 500.  I also got to golf on Friday – shot a 45 for nine holes at Aberdeen.  Started off rough but started hitting the ball well toward the end.

Saturday was a hoot!  A friend turned 36 and we all went over for a bbq/party.  Mojitos were great as was the food and company.  It is great to have so many good friends (for us and Sophie)!

Anyway – game design as that is what this blog is about…

Will work on the Tower of Doom more this week and hopefully have it ready to playtest for next week and will start on Storage Wars game.

More tomorrow…


About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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