Game Design Update (with my thoughts)

Back from a two week vacation and not back to game design.  Here is an update of all the titles I have discussed on this blog (in alphabetical order):

Ant’s Picnic:  Posted on the geek as a game but needs a re-haul.  Movement mechanic has changed, removing use of dice rolling, and the pop cans will not block but now alter direction that dice can move.  Easy enough to complete and should really finish this sooner than later.  My thoughts:  I think this would make a solid family game but only plays two which might limit audience.

Blackpool Illuminations:  Worker placement game in which players construct their own light show down a stretch of Blackpool’s seafront.  I have not thought much more about this game but do have a mechanic in mind for the game.  My thoughts:  I like the theme and can picture the game but do not have full idea of how game will work.

Broadway Producer:  Rummy card game where players take on the roll of a theatre producer.  Three rounds – regional theatre, off Broadway and Broadway – will decide who has the most successful production.  Prototype made, needs playtesting, on back burner.  My thoughts:  Could be too fiddly and too luck based.

Civilization Rummy Game:  Rummy card game where players build civilizations through set collection.  Prototype made, needs playtesting, on back burner.  My thoughts:  Too simple and too much luck (maybe?)

Dam It!:  Players play beavers in tile laying game.  Build the best beaver lodge before the onset of winter.  Hex tile laying both on board and stacking.  My thoughts:  I can visualize the game and it looks very pretty  🙂  On back burner

Deep Sea Diver Game:  Can’t Stop style push your luck game with a deep sea diver theme.  Prototype made, needs play testing.  My thoughts:  Can’t Stop rip off that might attract a wider audience due to theme.

Mantracker:  Game idea based on the TV show of the same name.  Scotland Yard/Nuns on the Run style game.  I will spend some time on this when my priority designs are completed.  My thoughts:  Very fiddly game but I think has promise.

Pillage:  Defend a village against Vikings. Working on a chaining role selection mechanic with David Short.  This is on the back burner.  My thoughts:  Theme is cool but the chaining mechanic has not been solved yet ~ not sure what direction this game is headed in.

Redemption City:  Prototype with David Short.  He is understandably busy with his soon to be released 2011 game, Ground Floor through Tasty Minstrel Games.  My thoughts:  Not much needed to be changed about this game ~ looking forward to when D can play it and give feedback.  Everyone I describe the game to loves the idea.

Renaissance Man:  Still an idea and no prototype in sight.  I really like the idea of this game and will have to get around to it soon.  My thoughts:  I feel this game has great potential as a Euro in the style of Fresco and other light Euros.  Excited about this game.

Small Talk:  This is a true party game where players pretend to have met in passing and have a conversation.  In this ‘small talk’ predetermined subjects must be injected into a timed conversation.  Those that can use the most subjects in the most fun way gain the most points and win.  My thoughts:  I am not a fan of party games but I feel this has a good place among the plethora of games out there.

Space Race Game:  Take a simplified bid and build a space ship mechanic mixed with a race across the galaxy dodging federation ships, picking up cargo and people and you have the idea for a fun game.  I don’t know why I have not finished a prototype for this game yet.  Maybe a little ADHD  🙂  Too distracted by new ideas.  My thoughts:  I love the idea of this game and the movement mechanic for flying the space ship.  Need to work on it soon.

Storage Wars:  Another game based on a TV show of the same name.  Bid for storage lockers containing hidden goods – make the most money and win.  This will be a game I will prototype very soon.  My thoughts:  Although the idea for this game has received mixed reviews from BGGers, I think it has great promise and would appeal to the non-serious gamers.

Time Travel Game:  By changing streams of technology through time the players attempt to build their own Utopian future.  Working with David Short on this game – on the back burner.  My thoughts:  I really like the idea of a time travel game.  There has to be the idea that people are travelling through time to change events ~ the idea of movement and travel is a must.

Tower Defense Game:  On the back burner.  I see this as a pre-programming game where you program your defenses, reveal the invaders and then playout the scenario…rinse, repeat…  My thoughts:  Not a fan of pre-programming games like Space Alert so it will be interesting if this works for me.

Trading Game:  Simple card game where people buy and sell stocks.  Need to make prototype.  Back burner.  My thoughts:  This is a game where the idea may be way better than the game.

Widgets:  Operate robots to collect parts to convert into widgets.  Needs a lot of refining.  Back burner.  My thoughts:  A dice rolling game – love dice but not sure about this game.


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One Response to Game Design Update (with my thoughts)

  1. David Short says:

    Man, there’s a lot of good ideas there. Excited to see some of them come alive!

    Question: is it just me or are you missing an update on Tower of Doom?

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