Shameless Plug…

In my entry into the world of game design- not that I know any of the gatekeepers or people of importance – I have met a number of people of which some have become friends.  Two of which have had games published.

The first, David Gregg, is the designer of Nightfall.  Nightfall is a deckbuilding game set in the world of vampires and werewolves and has some nice new mechanics.  Released by AEG, Nightfall just had its first expansion released, Nightfall: Martial Law.

The second game is Ground Floor. Ground Floor is a worker placement game.  Designed by David Short and released by Tasty Minstrel Games.  In Ground Floor players take a new company from the ‘ground floor’ up!  The player who best utilizes the businesses time, money and staff will find success.  While Ground Floor still awaits official release, head to GENCON to see the game demo’ed and maybe get to play with the designer David Short.  David Short is also co-designing Redemption City with me – see earlier posts.


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