Dice mechanic for Tower of Doom

There are three levels to the Tower of Doom.  As the heroes descend the Tower, fighting their way out, they meet more evil creatures.  When a hero passes from one level to another while descending the Tower they automatically power up by getting a new die to roll.

The dice have three options – HIT, BLOCK, MISS

Hit = attack does damage to the monster, Block = monster’s attack and hero’s attack does no damage (if another player rolls a Block All then all damage to party is blocked but any hero who rolls a hit may attack) , and MISS = hero’s attack missed target and monster’s damage is dealt to hero.

The prototype dice for each hero are as follows:


Level 1 – block/block/hit x 2/hit/miss/miss

Level 2 – block/block/hit x 2/hit/hit/miss

Level 3 – block/block all/hit x 2/hit/hit/hit


Level 1 – block/block/hit/hit (x2)/miss/miss

Level 2 – block/block/hit/hit/hit x2/miss

Level 3 – block/block/hit/hit/hit x2/hit x2


Level 1 – block/hit/hit/hit/miss/miss

Level 2 – block/hit/hit/hit/hit/miss

Level 3 – miss/hit/hit/hit/hit/hit x2


Level 1 – block/block/hit/hit/miss/miss

Level 2 -block/block all/hit/hit/hit/miss

Level 3 – block/block all/block/hit/hit/hit


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