Sophie’s initial idea for a game

Sophie’s Idea

Theme:  Animals are collecting food but have to get past a sleeping dragon in a cave.

Waking the dragon:  Gets too noisy – animals running or a whole bunch of animals running past the cave.

If the noise reaches level 10 then the dragon wakes up.

Thought about using cards or dice.

My ideas to help Sophie’s idea:

Each player has 15 cards – 5 x1, 4×2, 3×3, 2×2, 1×5

Players play cards moving up a noise track if they reach a certain level they wake the dragon but the higher they go up the track the more food they get.  Players push their luck to get higher up the track.  They don’t get their food until it returns to their go again.  Other players can add cards along their track, however, if the total on each level passes a predetermined value then it is too noisy and all lose their place and return to their homes (see diagram below)


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