Back to setting targets…the Daily ‘target’ Show part 1

Welcome to the Daily ‘target’ Show!  On tap for tonight is target #1 which should be completed before tomorrow’s show!

Here is the show agenda:

Introduction – In a need to get things done, hopeful game design ~ Clive ~ is setting daily targets in order to get the Tower of Doom prototype finished

Update – the latest game design is the Tower of Doom (cue eerie music, the noise of sword fights and screams).  The Tower of Doom is a fun ‘dungeon crawl’ with a twist.  Players take on the role of a hero trying to escape from a tower held together by the magic created by the creatures that dwell in this death trap.  As heroes move down the tower they encounter monsters, find treasures and hope to survive until they reach the bottom and can escape.  However, as heroes defeat the monsters of the tower the magic fades and the tower starts to crumble around them.  Will the heroes make it out alive or will they be killed by one of the many creatures or will the tower crush them as it crumbles to the ground?

Daily Show Target – the tower is built.  By the start of tomorrow’s show the blocks will be sanded.

Show End – Question of the day – are there any dice-stacking games out there?  Roll dice and stack depending on result…


About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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