Mantracker…the board game idea

For those of you who have not heard of Mantracker it is a TV series on OLN in Canada.  It is reality series where an experienced tracker on horse hunts two contestants.  The contestants have a 2km head start and have to travel on foot to a finish line some 38km away within a two day time limit.  The prey have a map and compass and know where they are headed.  The tracker has to find the start line (signified by the firing of a flare) and then find the prey by uncovering the tracks they leave in the natural environment.  The tracker with help from a side-kick usual captures the contestants!

I think this scenario can be converted into a Scotland Yard/Nuns on the Run board game.  Here are my ideas so far:

A modular board that can be changed for different game play.  The board has different terrains that affect game play (more on that later).  Terrains – pathways, open fields, forest, undergrowth and elevated land.

Each player would have 3 actions per turn.  The prey would have options to move, hide, look back and play special card.  The tracker would have options to move, look back and play special cards.

Special cards – Prey: Binoculars (for ranged site and seeing up mountain-sides), Sprint (double movement action)…thinking of others…Tracker: Binoculars, Sprint, Horse-sense (horses sense movement and noises at a greater range).

Movement: Prey – one action point allows for a different number of hexes to be move d dependent on the type of terrain.  Tracker – can travel faster than prey, again dependent upon terrain.  Tracker cannot enter into undergrowth.

Line of sight – The prey are invisible to the tracker unless they are in direct line of sight or by binoculars.

Tracking prey – Tracker can track the prey without seeing them.  First, by sound – when the prey move they make noise.  If the tracker is within a determined number of hexes the direction of the sound is revealed.  Second, by tracks – whenever the prey move into new terrain they leave a track that points in the direction of movement.  If the tracker is moving at normal rate and passes over the hex he spots the track.  Tracks are also left every (to be determined) number of hexes when the prey moves along the same kind of terrain.

That’s if for now…


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