Over due update!

Hi – Here is a brief update on the games I am working on (some with other designers) – most games have earlier posts:

Ant’s Picnic – this was the first game I ever designed and I think it could turn into an enjoyable and challenging game for younger gamers.  Controlling two ants the players race around a picnic table gathering as much food as possible.  This is a two player game.  A prototype has been made but rules need to be redrafted for changes after initial play testing.

Blackpool Illuminations – create the fanciest most dazzling light show on the Blackpool seafront.  Balance power costs, hiring workers and providing the best light show to win.  Worker placement with an economic engine.  Still just an idea!

Broadway Producer – think Colosseum converted to cards.  Have the prototype but needs to be played.  Game follows a rummy like mechanic of pick up, put down and throw away.  On the back burner.

Dam It! – A hex tile laying game where each player takes on the roll of two beavers building their home.  Played over four seasons, the beavers collect wood and build their dam, use natural water flows to move faster, dodge algae blooms, feed off fish, and then avoid ice as the final winter season approaches.  The biggest and highest dam wins!  Still an idea.

Deep Sea Diving Game – a game that uses the Can’t Stop ‘push your luck’ mechanic.  Players dive to the bottom of the ocean to collect treasure.  The first to collect 10 treasures wins.  Can your team aboard the ship provide a constant supply of oxygen or you to continue your descent or will you have to rise to catch your breath!  Prototype made – needs play testing.  On back burner.

Redemption City (to be renamed) – stoked about this game.  Co-designing with David Short.  A card game where the players react to a revealed street scene.  The first to draw their pistol card from their hand wins the shootout and gains notoriety.  Be the last to draw and get the dreaded wound card!  Most fame wins.  Prototype and initial play testing.  Copy being sent to D with updated rules for continued play testing.

Renaissance Man – short mid to light Euro worker placement game.  Players take on the roll of a great scholar who has to present their knowledge to an esteemed panel of aristocrats.  Played over 6 rounds, players race to various areas of the Great University to sharpen their academic knowledge.  The player with the greatest and widest knowledge coupled with experience wins!  Co-designing with Metz – I need to get my butt into gear and get the first draft of rules written.

Small Talk – A party game in which players are given five topics, people, places, quotes in to which they must incorporate into a ‘small talk’ with another player.  Players get points for using all topics in their brief, timed conversation.  Rules to be re-written.  Prototype to be made.

Space Race Game – this game has been on the back burner even though I think it would be a great race game.  Bid on parts for you ship and hope that you have enough engine power to maneuver along the race track.  Players spend power crystals to charge engines on either side of the ship.  By careful movement the best pilot will win the race and gain extra points for shipping goods and people along the way.

Time Travel Game (yet un-named) – working with David Short.  Just an idea at the moment with a couple of mechanics.  You play a time traveler whose goal is to promote certain streams of knowledge through time so that at the end of the game the final Utopian Age best mirrors a society that mirrors the streams of knowledge you have been manipulating through time.

Tower Defense Game – still an idea at this time.  Sharing ideas with SQ to come up with a solid game.  Need to get some basic rules written.

Trading Game – very basic supply and demand commodity game.  Played over 12 rounds.  The player with the most money wins.  Need to prototype and play.

Widgets – a dice game where players use their dice to give to commands to a computer.  The computer then allows you to operate a robot that moves, picks up and delivers goods.  The player who converts the most goods before their robot powers down wins.  In the prototyping stage.


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