More Time Travel

Another idea – with a big assist from D!

There is a time line that exists of so many spaces.  To set up the time line you roll 6 D6 – each a different colour.  Once the roll is made cubes equal to  the value of the rolls are placed on each time line space.  For example blue D6 = 3, red D6 = 4, black D6 = 1 means that 3 blue cubes, 4 red cubes and 1 black cube are placed next to every time line space.  These cubes represent events/actions/resources or something at that point in the time line.  As a player moves along the time line they use or place resources/actions/events.  So, if a player travels to space 2 on the time line and uses the black cube it is then removed from following spaces along the timeline.  The resource/action can be placed back in the time line and it the black cube would be replaced on any following time line space.

Alternately, as time is already unstable, dice could be rolled for each space of the time line.  Therefore giving a different combination of cubes for each time line space.  As people move they would potentially have a bigger impact on different time line spaces depending on the number of cubes in the following time line spaces.

Additionally, more ideas, traveling further distances on the time line, whether forward or back, costs the player more energy/resources.  Maybe at each time line space there is a deck of cards that represent events and depending on how far you travel you get to look at a certain number of cards and act on one.  So if you travel one space along the time line then you look at the top three cards and act/keep one. If you travel two spaces you look at 2 and act on/keep 1 and any more that two you only see the top card.

Ideas, ideas ideas….


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