Monthly Update

Here is an update on the state of my games:

Redemption City: RC is a Western game where you play an infamous gunslinger walking the streets of Redemption.  It is a game of recognition and quickness.  Each player has a hand of cards with each card representing a different item available to them.  As the scene cards are revealed players react by drawing the correct card from their hand.  Be the quickest and gain fame, be the slowest and be prepared to be wounded.  This game is at the initial play-testing stage and receiving good feedback with obvious critiques.  Changes are being made for more play-testing.

Renaissance Man: RM is a Euro that involves worker placement with a cool stacking mechanic and three ways to score your way to victory.  As a player, you take on the role of one a great scholar.  You are preparing for an annual contest whereby you present to an esteemed panel of aristocrats.  The player who has the greatest and most well rounded intellect wins fame…until the next contest.  I am drafting rules for this game – thanks to Metz and D for some fine ideas!

Small Talk: Ever been to a party where you know no one?  Or met someone in the street that you don’t really want to talk too?  This party game places you and a partner in a situation where you have to ‘small talk’.  Complete a quick conversation in the allotted time while hitting on all the discussion topics and watch the points roll in!   The first set of rules has been drafted for this game and is awaiting feedback from some friends.

Ant’s Picnic: Ant’s Picnic is a two player themed abstract where players play ants racing to snatch food of a picnic table.  This game is prototyped, needs more play-testing.  Stay tuned for a video review of this game (I just got a new Sony Handycam!)

Broadway Producer: A card game that involves rummy-esque set collection.  Take a show from Off Broadway to Broadway.  The most productive show wins.  Has some similarities to Colosseum.  This game is prototyped but has not seen the table yet.

I have some other games on the go – these will be posted on soon.


About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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2 Responses to Monthly Update

  1. PapaPapaya says:

    I love the idea of actually designing a board game. I’m working on one called Shipwrights, but it needs a whole lot of work still. Renaissance Man seems very promising. Keep up the good work.

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