Renaissance Man takes shape (in the mind and on paper)

While Redemption City is being tweaked for more play testing, Renaissance Man has come to the fore.  Renaissance Man is a Euro game (surprise, surprise!).  In this game you take on the role of one of the great scholars in a contest to prove your intellectual brilliance.  Much studying has been done and now there are two weeks between now and the unveiling of your knowledge to an esteemed panel of aristocrats. Are you the best mind history has seen?

In the Great University there are many rooms in which you can study, exhibit and share ideas.  Visiting these rooms allows access to knowledge – this knowledge is then stored in your knowledge deck, memory deck or pyramid of experience.  The game involves worker placement with a neat stacking mechanic and the manipulation of cards.  Clever set collection and discarding of cards will allow you to maximize your fame.  The player with the greatest overall knowledge of the worldly subjects will win.  Don’t get caught being an expert in one subject.  A true Renaissance Man is a true master, a true polymath.

The game will play 3 to 5 players and should take around 60 minutes to play.  This will be a tough game to prototype due to over 180 small cards being created.  Stay tuned for more details…


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