Redemption City v.1.0 and v1.1 hit the table (pics to follow)

It’s my party and I’ll play what I want to!  It was my birthday on Friday so I got to choose (most) of the games that we played all weekend.  Games that hit the table were Endeavour (great game!), The Adventurers (present from my wife – enjoyable, quick game), Qwirkle (wife’s gaming choice), Word on the Street, Abandon Ship, and most excitingly – Redemption City!  A game David Short and I are designing.  This was played on Friday and Saturday!  The comments below won’t make a lot of sense to those who have not seen the rules.  I will post the rules soon – it is more a notation for David and I.

Friday v1.0 – 4 player game – 40 minutes – Niki won the game easily while Pam had so many wounds she could hardly hold her cards!  Good things – fun.  Not so good things – wound deck easily out-exhausted fame points, forgot to flip bullets, played longer than expected, card revealing was clumsy until people got the idea, wagons were useless, sheriff time too long.  Suggestions – A doctor card where players draw a wound card and can get healed, a script for the sheriff (dealer), more outlaws etc so that there would be more victory points available.

Saturday v1.1 – 5 player game – 30 minutes plus – Niki won again!  Changes from v1.0 – Added Doctor card.  Player who drew wound card first discarded all wounds.  Made sherrif say ‘hands’ to get players to put hands flat on table and after reveal to say ‘bullets’ as a reminder to flip bullets.  Added 2 more outlaws, dynamite, crosshairs and one more player cowboy card with wagon on same card.  Good – fun!  Niki likes the game (but she won both).  The Doctor card worked well.  Lot more draws due to new cards.  Not so good – time still longer than expected.  What to do when more than one player on the street? The poker chip does not come into play nor does the second pistol.  Suggestions – use elongated blank cards to cover scene card events that have been resolved.  To get poker chip in play have a saloon card or a picture of a poker hand – draw the poker card and take a fame card away from another player.  Jail card – for use by sheriff.  He can play this on a player who is drawing incorrectly (moving cards to hand not hand to cards) – player pays a penalty of missing x number of scene cards.  Also, to shorten sheriff’s role – instead of three blank scene cards use only two before exchanging roles.

Overall people had fun and gage good feedback for the game.  A friend who has played many, many, many, many games was excited and surprised when the game was explained to him.  He could see it being published (though he did not play).


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