Update on all my game ideas…

Sorry, I have not posted in a while.  Not that many people are reading this!  Despite the lack of entries I have been a very busy designer.  Broadway Producer is a few cards away from having a play-testable prototype.  I am also working on two new ideas for games – these are both being co-designed.  The first is Redemption City – a fast paced card game that requires a keen eye and a quick hand – which is being co-designed with David Short (a geek from Az who is soon to have his first game published!) and the second is a Tower Defence type game that is still in the discussion mode which is being co-designed with SQ (another Az geek).

Hopefully this weekend I will start to put together some video segments together for the blog but in the meantime here is an update on all my game design ideas and at what stage of development they are at.

Ant’s Picnic – a two player abstract game that scales between a kids game to a more complex strategy game.  In Ant’s Picnic players have two ants that race to get as much food off the table.  The ants that have collected the most food and potentially the most valuable food will win the game (video demo to come shortly!)  This game is prototyped and needs more playtesting.

Broadway Producer – a card game for 3 to 5 players.  In this game players take a show all the way from regional theatre to Broadway.  The most successful show – that show that earns the most revenue – wins the game.  The card game follows a rummy process of set collection and involves some bidding and a chance to foil your opponents’ plans.  This game is five cards away from a full prototype.  Then play testing.

‘Space Race’ Game – this game is for 2 to 5 players and involves building and racing your ship across the galaxy.  On the race players have the option of picking up cargo and passengers for extra reward.  The game involves some bidding for ship parts, a tiny amount of tile placement when you construct your ship and then a race across space which involves the dodging of asteroids, exploding planets and Federation space craft.   The player mats and race tiles have been designed.  However, the thankless task of making many tiles is still to be done.

‘Deep Sea Diver’ Game – this game plays 2 to 4 and is a push your luck game that uses a similar mechanic to Can’t Stop.  Players take on the role of a team of deep sea divers racing to get treasure at the bottom of the ocean.  The first to obtain a predetermined amount of treasure wins.   This game is prototyped and ready for play testing.

Small Talk – a party game that plays 3 to a lot!  Small Talk is a game where two players take on the role of two individuals that have met in a set scenario (randomly chosen by scenario cards).  The players are each dealt five topic/quote cards each and must have a ‘small’ talk (timed using and egg timer)  which includes all the topics on the cards.  The players are awarded points on the number of topics included in the conversation and are judged by their peers for extra points.  This game is getting feedback from other game designers and a rough draft of the rules has been written.

Redemption City – is a fast paced card game that plays 3 to 10.  Players take on the role of a gunfighter in the fictional Arizona city of Redemption where they must out duel outlaws and other players.  The player who gains the most fame wins.  This game is in the rule writing stage.  The first draft should be finished this weekend.  This game and Small Talk are the two games – as of this moment – that if they meet my expectations could be published.  That would be amazing but I am not holding my breath!  This is being co-designed with David Short.

Tower Defence Game – this is a game based around the defence of a number of outposts from alien invaders.  This game is in the discussion phase and is being co-designed with SQ.

Dam It! – A themed abstract game where players take on the role of a pair of beavers trying to create their home before the ‘pond’ freezes over.  This is in the let me think about it stage.

Renaissance Man – A Euro game where players try to become the most educated and the most rounded individual.  By learning about science, philosophy, math, literature and philosophy the players gain esteem.  However, the player with the most complete knowledge of all subjects is the winner.  Again, in the let me think about it some more stage.



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2 Responses to Update on all my game ideas…

  1. David Short says:

    Those all sound great Clive. I have gone over Small Talk a couple of times and I think I have some thoughts for you. Let me gather them and get back to you about it.

    Additionally, I’m thoroughly enjoying designing Redemption City with you. It’s going to be great!

  2. Clive says:

    Hey, thanks David – I am enjoying working on Redemption City too! Hopefully will have a draft of the rules for you by Monday.

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