The trouble with prototypes (or how they lead me astray)

Having an idea for a game is great.  Coming up with mechanics that fit your game is great.  Creating a prototype for your game so that it can be played is both a great step forward and full of pitfalls for me!

I often use the design of a prototype as a break in the thought process – if my brain starts to hurt with mechanics and game play etc then I move to the artsy side and put more time than I should into my prototype.  See the pictures for Ant’s Picnic and my Deep Sea Diver game below – I think they look cool but could have been made a lot simpler for play testing!

The problem is that I get distracted by the artsy creative side – I waste time looking for images and artwork to represent items in a game instead of taking a simpler route by just using icons or colours to represent these items.  I am not sure whether it is procrastination of ADHD or something else!  My lesson learned – though not always used – is it to make a game that can be played and then add the fancy stuff at the end  🙂


About Clive

Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.
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