Mechanics I wish I had ‘invented’

There are some very clever people out there.  Way cleverer than me and I like to think I am smart!  How Uwe Rosenburg came up with Agricola and how Stefan Feld came up with In the Year of the Dragon and Macao makes my mind want to explode – even though they may have borrowed mechanics from previous games.

Here are some of the mechanics I wish I had thought of (they might not be the original use of the mechanic but were my first introduction):

1) The tool mechanic in Stone Age – fits perfectly with the theme

2) The reshuffling of cards and replacing them on top of the deck in Pandemic – brilliant!

3) The movement (vector) mechanic in Bolide – the game is slow but the mechanic awesome!

4) Using a role to perform a certain task a la Citadels and Mission Red Planet

5) Worker placement!  Enough said!

6) Tile placement as in Carcassonne, where the map is always changing.

These are but a few of my favourite mechanics.


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One Response to Mechanics I wish I had ‘invented’

  1. David Short says:

    Great post. Here’s my list:

    Rudiger Dorn’s chain movement as found in Goa, Louis XIV, and Genoa – One of my favorite designers and his signature mechanic. Awesome.

    Pandemic’s shuffle mechanic – I have to agree with you here. Genius design.

    Hansa Teutonica’s displacement mechanic – This single mechanic makes the entire game. So elegant.

    Power Grid’s turn order – I love variable turn order and Power Grid is one of the best

    Thebes’ time mechanic – This mechanic has been copied so many times already. It’s that good.

    Caylus’ worker placement – As you’ve already recognized, worker placement has got to be one of my all time favorite mechanics.

    Yspahan’s dice mechanic – I’m continually amazed by the unique use of dice in this game. Awesome.

    Reiner Knizia’s scoring as found in Tigris & Euphrates and others – The balance and depth his scoring creates is fantastic.

    Well, that’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there is more.

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