Deep Sea Diving

Game: Dice-rolling, push your luck

My second game uses the Can’t Stop dice rolling system but adds a theme (albeit a bit of a paste-on).  In Deep Sea Diving you play a team of deep sea divers trying to get a pre-determined amount of treasure before your opponent.  In this game the 2 and 12 tracks are missing – if a player rolls ‘snake eyes’ or ‘box cars’ they must roll the shark die.  If they roll a shark fin then the player misses a turn – if not they continue with their turn.  If a player does not roll a pair of dice that add up to one of the tracks their diver is on they roll a a D6 with values 1 to 3 to determine how much their diver(s) must rise.

How the theme works – each diver requires air to be pumped down to him by his team on the boat.  The further from the boat the more effort required (the track immediately below the boat is the 7 track).  If the dice do not equal the number track then the divers must rise to equalize their air pressure.  Their are some pictures below of the demo that is being playtested and the rules will be posted along with the game to ‘the geek’ soon.


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