Ant’s Picnic

Game: Abstract, strategy, 2-player

My first game design came out of a game design exercise.  Take a chess board and checker pieces and come up with a game.  Immediately – and I don’t know why – the checker pattern of the board reminded me of a picnic table cloth and so Ant’s Picnic was born.

Ant’s Picnic is a two player game in which the players have two ants which they use to get as much food as possible.  Ants are allowed to move any direction orthogonally up to 7 squares.  When a player maneuvers his/her ants on matching good types those food counters are removed from the picnic table.  Pop cans, gum, paper towels etc… hinder ant movement.  Originally a roll of two d8 determined movement but with feedback from a fellow gamer the dice roll for movement was removed.

The game has three modes:

1) Basic – for kids – race to get your food off the board.

2) Regular play – race to get your food off the table.  However, at regular intervals event cards are played that hinder movement, add a spider or a bee to the table, or lower the value of the food counters.  Food counters values depend upon where they lie on the table cloth (for example – food collected from two white squares are more valuable than food from two pink squares – there are twice as many pink squares as white or red therefore the combination of two pink is more common)

3) Advanced play – this is the same as regular with the addition of a memory mechanic.  Each food counter of a specific type has a value of 1 to 4.  On a player’s turn they may look at the underside of certain counters depending on the location of their ants.

More pictures and a first draft of the rules (which needs to be updated to eliminate the roll and move option) are available at


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